25 Enchanting Small Backyard Water Feature Ideas for Your Oasis

Explore many creative small backyard water feature ideas to transform your outdoor space into an oasis.

Do you have a small backyard but still yearn for the calming ambiance of water? You’re not alone! Creating small ponds, waterfalls, and fountains in smaller outdoor spaces is becoming increasingly popular.

These features add a decorative element to your yard and provide the soothing sound of running water.

Plus, they can be tailored to fit any style or taste. Elevate your backyard with a beautiful water feature.

Keep reading for inspiring ideas and designs that transform your outdoor oasis into a tranquil retreat.

Tranquil And Everchanging Backyard Water Feature

This small water feature in the backyard is surrounded by lush greenery. It has elephant ears and ground cover. The water is calm with no visible flow, making it a perfect spot for relaxation or meditation.

The area around the water feature has various plants that complement each other in color and shape. The view is stunning as the flowers undergo subtle changes monthly, offering new blooms to see year-round.

Pontz Backyard Waterscape

Tranquil And Lush: A Pontz Backyard Waterscape With Koi Pond And Small Waterfall small backyard water feature
Source: @cepontzsons

Enjoy luxury with this pon design. This beautifully designed backyard water feature has a small waterfall with a stunning Koi pond and lush greenery. The water cascades down from the rocks, creating a peaceful sound as it falls into the crystal-clear pond below.

This serene waterscape will make you feel calm and relaxed. It’s an impressive landscape incorporating nature’s gracefulness with modern water feature designs.

Pondless Waterfall Design

Tranquil And Warm: Pondless Waterfall Design With Fire Feature In Small Backyard Garden small backyard water feature
Source: @cepontzsons

If you’re looking for a unique garden, this is perfect. Its beautiful water feature is a pondless waterfall. It creates a tranquil waterscape in this small backyard garden, perfect for outdoor living and relaxation.

The waterfalls flow effortlessly into the pondless basin without any standing water. In addition to its natural beauty, the design features a fire pit and fireplace that add warmth and charm to the atmosphere.

Charming Backyard Water Feature

Check out this charming water feature in your yard. The clear water adds a serene touch to your home, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and unwinding. You can carry your camping chair or put benches beside your pond. Enjoy the sun, the fresh air, and more.

Tranquil And Modern Backyard Waterfall Feature

Keep it modern and serene with this water feature in your home. It has a stunning backyard waterfall feature surrounded by a well-designed landscape.

The cascading water creates a tranquil atmosphere that complements the modern decking and patio designs. This is an ideal spot for relaxation, entertainment, or outdoor gatherings with friends and family.

Scenic Stone’s Backyard Water Feature

Serenely Stunning: Scenic Stone's Backyard Water Feature small backyard water feature
Source: @scenicstone

Serene and stunning are two words to describe this beautiful water feature. The calming sound of flowing water creates an oasis in your yard. It looks all-natural. You can escape from the day’s work in your own home. Enjoy the serenity in your backyard!

Tranquil And Natural Backyard Water Feature

This is a serene backyard water feature that adds an element of tranquility to the outdoor space. The garden pond is beautifully landscaped. It features a charming fountain that cascades into a small waterfall, creating an incredibly soothing atmosphere.

The hardscaping around the water feature enhances its beauty. All these combinations make your garden look more attractive and natural at the same time.

Tranquil And Rustic Backyard Spa With Natural Stone Waterfall

Enjoy a spa in your backyard! It’s perfect for those long work days when you want to relax and regroup. This serene backyard water feature captivates the essence of nature in every way.

The crystal-clear water sits peacefully while the natural stone waterfall creates a calming ambiance to enhance relaxation. You don’t have to go and drive to the nearest spa when you already have a significant one steps away from every part of your home.

Tranquil Backyard Waterfall

Bring this tranquility to your own home. The design incorporates a stunning waterfall feature that creates soothing sounds of flowing water.

It’s an idyllic oasis with lush bushes, trees, and flowers surrounding the cascading waterfall. This is an ideal addition to any backyard for anyone looking for a calming and peaceful environment to enjoy their outdoor space.

Multi-Sensory Water Feature Design

Let all your five senses experience nature in your garden. This picturesque image invites you to follow the water feature through blooming flowers and the serene lake.

Water features are an excellent addition to any outdoor space, offering beautiful visual appeal and soothing ambient sounds of running water that bring a sense of relaxation to your landscape design.

These features serve as essential elements for wildlife by providing easily accessible freshwater. This is especially great in the hot summer months.

Backyard Water Oasis

Tranquil Backyard Water Oasis Created By Hardworking Landscapers In Ontario small backyard water feature
Source: @scenicstone

Add a luxurious oasis to your home. This small backyard water features huge stones and pebbles to give you a visual dimension.

The entire area looks like a relaxing spring resort to enjoy the summer. This one perfectly captures the peacefulness of the water feature and surrounding greenery.

Luxurious Backyard Waterfall And Hot Tub Oasis

Complete your home with a pool, a slide, and a hot tub oasis! That’s perfection at its best.

This stunning backyard water feature adds a serene and peaceful touch to any outdoor space. The tranquil aesthetic and relaxing atmosphere give off that resort-style living right in your backyard.

Complete with a hot tub and pond; this luxurious setup is the ultimate dream for anyone who loves spending time outdoors.

Naturalistic Small Backyard Water Feature

Serene And Naturalistic Small Backyard Water Feature small backyard water feature
Source: @crazy_joy

Keep it small and cozy with this little backyard waterfall. The cascading water is surrounded by rocks, stones, and lush green plants, making it look more naturalistic.

This is perfect for those with limited yard space. You can keep it beautiful with this additional style and creativity in your area.

Three Cascading Water Features

This opulent cascading waterfall is an absolute beauty! The three cascading waterfalls befit a mansion. Each waterfall is designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, using various shapes and colors of natural stones.

The area around each waterfall is also planted to complement its unique style. These water features stand out as creative statement pieces that enhance the beauty and tranquility of this backyard oasis.

Sparkling and Crystal-Clear Small Backyard Water

Keep the beach dream alive with your backyard’s blue and crystal-clear water feature. The sparkling and crystal-clear water looks refreshing against the backdrop of green foliage. Share your favorite element of this scene in the comments below!

Idyllic Home Oasis

Make every day a relaxing one with this idyllic garden design. It features a stunning addition to any home’s landscaping. The tranquil and soothing sounds of flowing water create a peaceful atmosphere.

This water feature transforms your outdoor space into an idyllic backyard oasis. With its natural charm, this water feature can be an excellent source for unique and creative home DIY projects.

Install one in your garden today and enjoy the alluring combination of relaxing ambiance and aesthetic appeal in your backyard!

Colorful Koi Pond and Gentle Waterfall

Tranquil Backyard Oasis With A Colorful Koi Pond And Gentle Waterfall small backyard water feature
Source: @cepontzsons

This beautiful water feature brings serenity and tranquility to any backyard. The gentle sound of the waterfall creates a relaxing atmosphere that perfectly complements the surrounding garden. The koi pond adds color and life to the setting, making it an ideal spot for meditation or simply enjoying nature.

Lush And Vibrant Backyard Water Feature

Lush green plants surround this charming minor backyard water feature. The garden’s centerpiece is a miniature pond adorned with lily pads and rocks. It’s complemented by orange sedge grass and foxgloves on one side, while pineapple sage adds to the vibrancy of color.

The photographer seems thrilled about finding new plants for her garden despite impatiently waiting for poppy seeds to sprout.

Small Backyard Disappearing Waterfall

Tranquil And Serene: A Small Backyard Disappearing Waterfall small backyard water feature
Source: @cepontzsons

This beautifully designed small backyard water feature includes a disappearing and pondless waterfall. Let the calming sound of the artificial waterfall lull you to calmness and serenity.

The addition of plants and natural stones enhances the look and feel of this water garden, making it an ideal place to relax and unwind after a long day.

Calming Backyard Water Feature

This backyard’s waterfall feature uses smooth stones. Surrounding it are wispy grasses in the nearby area for a more natural look.

Make this water feature a part of your landscaped garden design. Learn what sensory elements appeal to your senses and incorporate them into your outdoor space for maximum relaxation and enjoyment.

Classic Yard Look

The garden design brings up happy thoughts and beautiful feelings as she reminisces about the time and effort she poured into making their yard unique. No wonder this was her favorite part of their home because it looked stunning!

Tranquil Belgard Backyard Waterfall

This garden design is for you if you want a more traditional route. It looks Victorian and classic too! This stunning backyard water feature offers a serene and relaxing environment.

The waterfall gives off that calming and relaxing effect. You can sit on the porch side of the water feature and enjoy listening to the sound of water.

Enjoy this perfect oasis in your home.

Dream Backyard Water Feature

Tranquil And Enchanting: Backyard Water Feature With Pool Waterfall Bridge And Koi Pond small backyard water feature
Source: @housinginfo

This is the dream! Imagine a home with a pool and its overflowing water cascades into a beautiful fall. This is nothing short of amazing!

This serene backyard water feature with a pool waterfall, bridge, and koi pond. The combination of natural features creates a peaceful ambiance, making it an ideal space for relaxing or entertaining guests.

Zen Backyard Waterfall

This charming backyard water feature is the ultimate zen. The cascading falls add a Zen-like atmosphere to the outdoor space. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to incorporate tranquility into their backyard design.

Stunning Backyard Water Feature

Keep your backyard oasis magical and serene. This beautiful backyard water feature with a pond and waterfall. It enhances the overall beauty of the garden. It’s sure to make anyone want one for their backyard!

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