23 Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas to Make a Big Splash

Let’s explore creative and cost-effective small backyard pool landscaping ideas to transform your outdoor space into an oasis.

Have you been dreaming of having your own backyard oasis but think a pool won’t fit in your small yard? Think again!

Small backyard pools are trending and can be the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Make it even better with a bit of creativity and planning. Transform your surrounding area into an inviting paradise.

One of the latest design trends for these mini-pools is to enclose them with curbed rocks to create a natural hardscape. Pair it with potted plants or a vertical garden to complete the look.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some small backyard pool landscaping ideas to make your dream a reality!

Small Pool with a Rock Path

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Use a rock path to create an impressive small pool in your home. It is creative, unique, and a perfect addition to your home. Separate the yard from the pool using a glass gate or door. It creates an illusion of space and, thus, maximizes your area even more.

Small Backyard Oasis

Check out this stunning pool design. It’s small, but it has everything you need for a pool! This is your oasis for the summer heat.

Incorporate sustainable options like the use of natural resources for landscaping. Use recycled stones and plants such as those native to your area to improve the overall aesthetic of your pool.

Luxury Pool Landscaping

Size shouldn’t keep you from creating a luxurious pool. This backyard pool landscape idea showcases the finest in pool design and installation. It features a radiant semi-inground pool and a freeform shape. This luxury above-ground oasis is perfect for family fun.

The surrounding patio and pavers create ample space for relaxation. With excellent lighting options, the entire area glows to perfection during those summer nights.

Vinyl Pool Customization

If you want a customized pool, this vinyl pool is perfect.

It’s gated to keep the animals away. There is also a beautifully-made stone fall to give your outdoor oasis that texture. It’s the perfect place to relax and cool off during hot summer.

Small Plunge Pool Design

This backyard oasis with a small plunge pool design is cozy with comfortable benches. The modern pool is perfect for hosting parties with friends and family! The outdoor pool area offers relaxation. There is a cabana that’s perfect for calming your soul.

Perfect Backyard Oasis

Transform your small backyard into a perfect pool paradise with this landscape idea. It features an impressive and cozy swimming area surrounded by plants of varying kinds and colors. Everything here creates a natural look.

There are also spotlights throughout the pool area to illuminate the space during the evenings. This is where you’re social gatherings are held. Enter the world of insane pools without breaking your space constraints!

Backyard Pool Deck

Complete the summer experience with this backyard pool deck! A wooden deck surrounds the small pool. This is a classic look. If you want a modern look, then make it a curved collection. The design adds flavor to your outside party setting.

Tropical Pool Design

1. Small Backyard Oasis.
2. Tropical Escape.
3. Adventurous Pool Design small backyard pool landscape
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This picture features a stunning small backyard pool with an adventurous vibe. The bright blue water adds a pop of color to the landscape and complements the overall design perfectly.

A rock cave and tropical landscaping provide a natural element to the area. This makes it feel like your own personal oasis.

Small Pool Outdoor Living

This outside space showcases a stunning backyard landscape featuring a small pool. This is the beauty of outdoor living, with lush greenery and modern patio furniture surrounding the water feature.

Stock Tank Pool Backyard Oasis

This is a brilliant small backyard pool landscape idea.

The stock tank pool is set up beautifully, and the wooden deck complements it flawlessly. With this DIY guide and inspiration, you can create a stunning small pool area in your backyard.

Backyard Pool Oasis

This yard is a dream backyard to come to life, featuring an infinity pool and a private pool area.

Every detail has been thoughtfully executed, from the impeccable landscaping by our expert designers at landscape design and on-trend accents like lounge chairs and patio furniture.

Countryside Villa Backyard Pool

This charming countryside villa boasts a small but inviting backyard pool landscape.

It’s the perfect honeymoon of just the usual bickering among the three levels. This glass villa is sure to impress when looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city or simply seeking a relaxing vacation home rental with all the amenities you need.

This home is a one-of-a-kind homestay that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Stone Sun Shelf Pool

This small backyard pool exudes elegance and style with its stone sun shelf and intricate landscaping design.

The grotto adds a touch of drama to this otherwise serene spot. Take inspiration from this pool’s dynamic view and incorporate these elements into your backyard for an Instagram-worthy oasis.

Green Backyard Oasis

This is a lovely small backyard pool landscape idea for those who enjoy summer nights at home. Aside from the pool, keep your outdoor space in its best condition by planting giant yellow hydrangeas. Swimming has never been this beautiful and calm!

Timeless Backyard Pool Landscape

This sleek pool is perfect in a limited space. The patio setup complements the blue water feature and creates an incredible outdoor living area for family and friends. It’s a timeless pool design.

Luxury Backyard Pool

This beautiful backyard pool landscape features a premier pool and spa. The luxurious poolside oasis is perfect for unwinding with family and friends, giving you the ultimate backyard goals.

The elegant pool design is easily the focal point of your outdoor space. This luxury swimming pool flaunts impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail that will impress all who experience it up close.

The pool’s unique design, the cabana, and the available seating make it a perfect area for parties and events.

Backyard Pool Makeover

Keep your backyard pool makeover an interesting one. This fantastic pool project is the perfect inspiration for creating a relaxing and inviting sanctuary.

The plants on the sides of the vicinity give it life. The brick floors add timelessness to the space too. For your kids, you can add a trampoline to complete their fun!

Farmhouse Pool

This backyard farmhouse pool is such a dream. It has everything you’d want for a backyard pool party.

It features a stock tank pool surrounded by lush greenery and rustic decor with a farmhouse look. This is perfect for summer trends. This backyard oasis is great for entertaining guests and throwing festive pool party gatherings.

Modern Backyard Pool Oasis

This modern pool is everyone’s dream. Transform your backyard into a stunning oasis with this impressive pool landscape idea. This is the perfect setting for entertaining guests or spending time with family.

The circular rattan resting area is perfect for your readings and afternoons when you want to enjoy a good glass of wine.

Take inspiration from this picture showcasing an immaculate backyard pool surrounded by lush backyard gardens that radiate pure tranquility.

Backyard Pool Oasis

This stunning backyard incorporates a small yet beautiful pool with nature. The landscape is full of greeneries! There are seemingly wild grasses everywhere, but that’s all part of the big beautiful plan. The surrounding landscape is designed thoughtfully to enhance the aesthetics of the house.

The outdoor living space, with its dreamy backyard ideas, inspires anyone to create their version of a tranquil oasis perfect for relaxation or entertainment.

There’s also ample seating around the cute little pool, which is an ideal spot for unfettered downtime on long summer days.

Small Backyard Pool

Keep your small backyard pool interesting by using bricks and a blue floor. This small backyard pool landscape showcases a stunning desert spool with soothing gray-blue waters that will make you want to dive in immediately.

Elegant and Modern Pool Landscape

If you want to add elegance to your home, this pool design is for you. It features a stunning swimming pool with a beautiful icy blue finish created using white tiles.

The surrounding landscape’s grey and neutral color palettes perfectly complement the swimming pool’s serene blue water. There are also plants and other greenery to give you that environmental impact.

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