15 Landscaping with Hostas and Flowers Ideas to Transform Your Garden

Learn how to beautifully combine hostas and flowers in your garden for a vibrant, low-maintenance landscape.

Hosta Border Symphony: Line a Shaded Walkway With Various Hostas Mixed With Impatiens for Splashes of Color

hosta border symphony line a shaded walkway with various hostas mixed with impatiens for splashes of color

Planting hostas and impatiens along a shaded walkway creates a colorful and vibrant border that brightens up the space.

Hosta Woodland Wonderland: Underplant Trees With Hostas and Intersperse With Ferns and Bleeding Hearts

hosta woodland wonderland underplant trees with hostas and intersperse with ferns and bleeding hearts

Create a magical woodland feel by planting hostas, ferns, and bleeding hearts under the canopy of trees. The lush greenery and delicate blooms will transform the area into a whimsical forest garden. Hostas thrive in the dappled shade provided by the trees, while ferns and bleeding hearts add layers of texture and color to the landscape. This underplanting technique enhances the beauty of the trees and creates a harmonious woodland setting for a tranquil retreat in your garden.

Hosta Color Blocks: Create a Patchwork Quilt Design Using Different Colored Hosta Varieties, Edged With Low-growing Annuals

hosta color blocks create a patchwork quilt design using different colored hosta varieties edged with low growing annuals

Utilize various-colored hosta varieties arranged like a patchwork quilt, framed by low-growing annuals for a visually appealing garden design.

Hosta and Daffodil Delight: Plant Hostas Surrounded By Early Spring Daffodils for a Lively Contrast

hosta and daffodil delight plant hostas surrounded by early spring daffodils for a lively contrast

Hosta and Daffodil Delight creates a vibrant contrast with hostas encircled by daffodils. The combination adds a lively burst of color to your garden in early spring.

Hosta Serenity Circle: Design a Circular Garden With a Variety of Hostas Around a Central Birdbath, Flanked By Peonies

hosta serenity circle design a circular garden with a variety of hostas around a central birdbath flanked by peonies

Create a harmonious focal point in your garden by encircling a birdbath with a variety of hostas and peonies.

Hosta River: Create a Meandering Pathway Edged With Blue and Green Hostas Interspersed With Patches of Wildflowers

hosta river create a meandering pathway edged with blue and green hostas interspersed with patches of wildflowers

Enhance your garden with a meandering pathway bordered by beautiful hostas in shades of blue and green, accentuated by patches of vibrant wildflowers for a natural and whimsical landscape design.

Hosta Sun and Shade: In a Partial Sun Area, Blend Hostas With Daylilies and Salvia for Diverse Texture and Color

hosta sun and shade in a partial sun area blend hostas with daylilies and salvia for diverse texture and color

Create a dynamic interplay of textures and colors by mixing hostas with daylilies and salvia in areas with partial sun.

Hosta and Hydrangea Hedge: Use Tall Hosta Varieties Backed By a Row of Hydrangeas for a Lush Backdrop

hosta and hydrangea hedge use tall hosta varieties backed by a row of hydrangeas for a lush backdrop

This landscaping concept involves using tall hosta varieties planted in front of a row of hydrangeas, creating a luxurious green backdrop with varying textures and colors.

Hosta Moon Garden: Combine White-variegated Hostas With White Flowers Like Moonflower and White Azaleas for a Nighttime Glow

hosta moon garden combine white variegated hostas with white flowers like moonflower and white azaleas for a nighttime glow

Immerse yourself in a dreamy moonlit garden ambiance by pairing white-variegated hostas with moonflowers and white azaleas for a serene nighttime glow.

Hosta Spiral Maze: Design a Spiraling Pathway With Alternating Hostas and Lavender, Leading to a Garden Bench

hosta spiral maze design a spiraling pathway with alternating hostas and lavender leading to a garden bench
  • A Hosta Spiral Maze adds a whimsical touch to your garden.
  • The spiraling pathway leads you through a beautiful mix of hostas and lavender.
  • This design creates a sense of intrigue and discovery.
  • As you meander through the maze, you’ll be greeted by a tranquil garden bench.
  • It’s a unique and visually stunning feature for any landscape design.

Hosta Coastal Retreat: Pair Sea Green Hostas With Beach Grasses and Sand-loving Plants for a Seaside-inspired Landscape

hosta coastal retreat pair sea green hostas with beach grasses and sand loving plants for a seaside inspired landscape

Create a beach-like landscape by combining sea green hostas with beach grasses for a coastal retreat vibe.

Hosta and Fern Grotto: Create a Secret Garden By Mixing Different Fern Species With Hostas Under Tree Canopies

hosta and fern grotto create a secret garden by mixing different fern species with hostas under tree canopies

The Hosta and Fern Grotto creates a lush and secluded garden oasis with a mix of different fern varieties and hostas tucked beneath the sprawling canopies of trees.

Hosta Culinary Corner: Edible Hostas Arranged With Culinary Herbs and Edible Flowers in a Kitchen Garden

hosta culinary corner edible hostas arranged with culinary herbs and edible flowers in a kitchen garden

In a Hosta Culinary Corner, you can find a unique blend of edible hostas, herbs, and flowers, creating a functional and beautiful kitchen garden space. Ideal for those who want to incorporate both aesthetics and practicality into their landscaping design. A fusion of form and function, this concept seamlessly merges beauty with utility, offering a delightful mix of flavors and aromas right at your doorstep. Perfect for gardening enthusiasts who enjoy growing their own fresh ingredients while also adding a touch of greenery to their outdoor space.

Hosta Zen Garden: Combine Hostas With Rocks, Moss, and Bamboo for a Tranquil Meditation Space

hosta zen garden combine hostas with rocks moss and bamboo for a tranquil meditation space

In a Hosta Zen Garden, hostas are combined with rocks, moss, and bamboo to create a peaceful meditation space. The elements work together to bring a sense of tranquility and calmness to the garden, ideal for relaxation and mindfulness.

Hosta Patchwork Path: Alternate Squares of Different Hosta Varieties and Creeping Thyme Along a Garden Pathway

hosta patchwork path alternate squares of different hosta varieties and creeping thyme along a garden pathway

The Hosta Patchwork Path creates a visually appealing garden pathway by alternating different hosta varieties and creeping thyme, adding a unique and dynamic touch to your landscape.

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