15 Free Landscape Design App Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Project

Discover the best free landscape design apps that will help you turn your dream garden into a reality, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

Garden Blueprinter

garden blueprinter

Garden Blueprinter helps you design your dream garden layout with ease and precision using a user-friendly interface.

GreenSpace Planner

greenspace planner

GreenSpace Planner provides users with a user-friendly interface to design their outdoor spaces, offering a wide variety of tools to customize and visualize landscapes to their liking.

EcoGarden Designer

ecogarden designer

EcoGarden Designer provides environmentally-friendly landscaping solutions for designing sustainable and eco-conscious outdoor spaces.

MyYard Layout

myyard layout

MyYard Layout allows you to digitally design your outdoor space with easy-to-use tools and features.



PlantPlotter is a sophisticated landscape design app that allows users to map out their outdoor spaces, select plants, and visualize their garden designs in 3D.



BloomCraft is a free landscape design app that allows users to create detailed virtual garden layouts with various plants, flowers, and outdoor elements.

Landscape Architect Tool

landscape architect tool

The Landscape Architect Tool allows you to design your dream outdoor space with ease, providing a range of features to plan and visualize your landscape projects effectively.

Virtual Garden Sketcher

virtual garden sketcher

Virtual Garden Sketcher allows users to design their dream garden by selecting and arranging different plants, flowers, and landscaping features in a virtual environment.



GrowGrid is a virtual garden planning tool that allows users to create personalized layouts and designs for their outdoor spaces with ease.

NatureScape Creator

naturescape creator

NatureScape Creator is a user-friendly app that allows you to design your outdoor space with ease, providing a variety of tools and features to bring your landscaping ideas to life.

EdenDesign App

edendesign app

EdenDesign App offers a wide range of features for designing stunning outdoor spaces, from creating garden layouts to choosing plants and hardscape elements.

TerraForm Visualizer

terraform visualizer

TerraForm Visualizer allows you to design stunning 3D landscapes right on your phone or tablet.

PatioPro Planner

patiopro planner

PatioPro Planner is a free landscape design app focused on creating stunning outdoor patio layouts with ease. It provides a user-friendly platform for designing and visualizing your dream patio space.

Backyard 3D Blueprint

backyard 3d blueprint

Backyard 3D Blueprint allows you to design your outdoor space in a three-dimensional layout for a realistic visualization.

FloraFrame Layout

floraframe layout

FloraFrame Layout allows users to design their outdoor spaces with ease, offering a range of tools and features to create beautiful landscapes virtually.

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