15 Arborvitae Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Transform your outdoor spaces with creative arborvitae landscaping ideas that you’ll discover in this article, perfect for gardeners wanting to add privacy and style.

Integrate Arborvitae Into a Japanese Zen Garden Setup

integrate arborvitae into a japanese zen garden setup

Incorporating arborvitae into a Zen garden adds a touch of evergreen elegance, enhancing the tranquility and balance central to this serene style.

Combine Arborvitae With Outdoor Lighting for Dramatic Nightscapes

combine arborvitae with outdoor lighting for dramatic nightscapes

Strategic outdoor lighting turns arborvitae into living sculptures, casting majestic shadows and transforming your garden into an enchanting nightscape.

Create an Arborvitae Maze or Labyrinth Feature

create an arborvitae maze or labyrinth feature

An arborvitae labyrinth offers a tranquil, evergreen path for reflection and meditation in your garden space.

Layer Different Heights of Arborvitae for a Tiered Garden Effect

layer different heights of arborvitae for a tiered garden effect

By planting arborvitae at staggered heights, you cultivate a visually appealing, multi-level green space that adds depth and dimension to your garden’s landscape.

Use Arborvitae As a Green Backdrop for a Sculpture Garden

use arborvitae as a green backdrop for a sculpture garden

Arborvitae stands tall and lush, framing your garden’s statues and artwork with a natural, verdant curtain that enhances their visual appeal.

Intersperse Colorful Perennial Flowers Between Arborvitae for Contrast

intersperse colorful perennial flowers between arborvitae for contrast

Dotting your arborvitae display with vibrant perennials adds a splash of color, creating an alluring contrast that delights the eye throughout the seasons.

Frame an Outdoor Seating Area With Arborvitae for Seclusion

frame an outdoor seating area with arborvitae for seclusion

Arborvitae shrubs provide a natural privacy screen, enveloping your outdoor lounge in a cozy, leafy haven.

Shape Arborvitae Into Topiaries for Formal Gardens

shape arborvitae into topiaries for formal gardens

Arborvitae, carefully sculpted into elegant topiaries, can add a touch of sophistication and order to any stately garden space.

Plant Arborvitae in Alternating Colors for a Checkerboard Pattern

plant arborvitae in alternating colors for a checkerboard pattern

Strategically positioned arborvitae in hues of green and gold fashion a visually striking checkerboard across your landscape, offering a playful twist to conventional planting.

Use Dwarf Arborvitae Varieties to Line the Edges of Water Features

use dwarf arborvitae varieties to line the edges of water features

Dwarf arborvitae plants encircle ponds and streams, softly framing the water’s edge with lush evergreen foliage.

Create a Wildlife Sanctuary With Bird Feeders Amongst Arborvitae

create a wildlife sanctuary with bird feeders amongst arborvitae

Nestled within the arborvitae’s lush embrace, bird feeders invite a flurry of feathered friends, making your garden a haven for wildlife.

Design a Sensory Garden With Fragrant and Textured Companions for Arborvitae

design a sensory garden with fragrant and textured companions for arborvitae

Enhance your garden’s sensory appeal by pairing the soft, evergreen foliage of arborvitae with plants offering an array of fragrances and tactile experiences.

Establish a Winter Garden Featuring Evergreen Arborvitae and Frost-resistant Plants

establish a winter garden featuring evergreen arborvitae and frost resistant plants

A winter garden with arborvitae thrives amidst the frost, providing a stark, green contrast to the sleepy landscape, while hardy companion plants add bursts of cold-weather color and texture.

Implement Arborvitae in a Permaculture Garden As Windbreaks and Privacy Screens

implement arborvitae in a permaculture garden as windbreaks and privacy screens

Arborvitae serve as a multi-functional element within a permaculture landscape, offering both a shield against harsh winds and a natural partition for increased privacy.

Plant Arborvitae in Strategic Locations to Provide Shade in Seating Areas During Summer

plant arborvitae in strategic locations to provide shade in seating areas during summer

Arborvitae, with their dense foliage, act as natural sun umbrellas, casting cool shadows that make your outdoor lounging spots inviting even on the warmest days.

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